Carbon 60 Oil The World's Most Powerful Antioxidant

Introducing the Miracle Molecule C60 Blended with Pure Organic Oils

What if you could think clearer, sleep better, remove toxic damage and live longer.

C60 oil – the little known Nobel Prize winning scientific discovery.

172 times more powerful than vitamin C with billions of C60 bucky balls per bottle.

Imagine Feeling Great Again!

High Purity, Organic, Solvent Free C60 Oil

Manufactured in the UK by the experts here at London Research Labs

99.99% Fullerenes

We only use fully certified 99.99% sublimated solvent free Carbon 60 fullerenes in our C60 oil products.

Pure Organic Oils

Both our C60 oils are 100% pure, organic, non-gmo, gluten & lectin free, vegan and contain no glyphosate.

UK's Largest Supplier

We are the UK’s largest C60 company suppling C60 oil all over the world. Join thousands of other happy customers.

99.99% Sublimated C60 Fullerenes Expertly Pulverised and Mixed By

London Research Labs

Carbon 60 & Organic Oils

Our C60 fullerenes are fully pulverised before being added to our oils to mix. This very important step in C60 oil manufacture ensures and guarantees:

Which C60 Oil - Olive or Coconut?

Both our C60 oils are fully blended and can be taken by any adult for numerous benefits.
But if you are not sure which oil to choose you’ll find some helpful pointers below.

Olive Oil

  • Smooth peppery taste.
  • Pure Cretan extra virgin olive oil from Kroneiki olives.
  • Fully certified organic.
  • Removes harmful toxins & metals from the body.
  • Uniquely blended to provide support for liver function.
  • Recommended for daily detoxing of the body.
  • 80mg C60 per 100ml Bottle

Coconut Oil

  • Virtually tasteless.
  • Pure MCT oil derived only from coconuts.
  • Fully certified organic.
  • Removes harmful toxins & metals from the body.
  • Uniquely blended to provide 60/40 split for the brain & liver.
  • Recommended for all types of brain injuries.
  • 80mg C60 per 100ml Bottle

Not sure which oil to choose? Try one of our new mixed packs.

Customer Snippets

A selection of what some of our customers had to say:
About us, our products and their own experiences of using C60.

Deborah Morgan
Deborah Morgan
C60 Olive Oil Triple Pack
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Arrived quickly, nicely packaged. Have been taking it for about 3 weeks now and I feel amazing. Loads more energy, real deep sleep and jumping out of bed in the morning. I really recommend this product.
Jakub Biernaut
Jakub Biernaut
C60 Coconut Oil Single Pack
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Good quality item and great price so pleased with purchase. Will be buying again in the future.
Richard Whitman
Richard Whitman
C60 Olive Oil Twin Pack
Read More
I buy a twin pack and share it with my wife. We have been taking c60 olive oil for around a year now and its been marvellous for both of us. Ruby in the office is really nice and helpful, thank you.
Christopher Jones
Christopher Jones
C60 Oil Olive Single Pack
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I take this c60 with a daily dose of CBD and have seen my results turbo charge!! Love it, great product, quality item, thanks.
Rosalind Pearson
Rosalind Pearson
C60 Coconut Oil Triple Pack
Read More
I really love this product. I take it everyday for general health purposes and it works a treat for me. Always arrives within a day or two from ordering. 5 stars.
Roger Cooper
Roger Cooper
C60 Olive Oil Triple Pack
Read More
After three months of taking C60 olive oil, I feel fantastic. So much younger and with real energy. I am now nearly 74 but feel better than I did in my 50's.
William Backer
William Backer
C60 Coconut Oil Triple Pack
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I use c60 oil as a metabolite cleanse. I am on keto and do intermitterent fasting. I take 3ml daily and the results so far are great. I have loads of energy, sleep really well and my mind feels sharp and clear, brilliant stuff.
Sally Gingell
Sally Gingell
C60 Coconut Oil Triple Pack
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Since taking c60 I'm feeling alot more healthy and energised. My hair has vastly improved as has my skin, so much softer and less blemishes. I feel younger and more youthful everyday.
Brian Moser
Brian Moser
C60 Olive Oil Triple Pack
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I brought this for my father when he got out of hospital after he had a stroke. He takes it daily, a large dose at night and it really seems to be aiding his recovery. I have just placed a second order, at his request.
Elizabeth Francis
Elizabeth Francis
C60 Coconut Oil Twin Pack
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LDNRL is a lovely company to deal with and the quality of their c60 coconut oil is excellent. I have been buying for over a year now and wouldn't go anywhere else.
Edward Hastings
Edward Hastings
C60 Oil Olive Single Pack
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Using C60 as part of my caffeine detox. Works really well, no more brain fog and more energy. I am very happy with the results so far.
Raquel Murillo
Raquel Murillo
C60 Oil Coconut Single Pack
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I suffer from lupus and a friend recommend c60 oil. I purchased the coconut oil and after two weeks I am feeling less pain, a lot less tired and I have more movement in my joints. Definitely a positive effect.

What's In The Box

What You Will Receive When You order C60 Oil From LDNRL.

Our C60 oil comes in three different pack sizes: single bottle, twin bottle and triple bottle packs.
All packs are available in extra virgin olive oil or mct coconut oil with an ultra high C60 saturation level – 0.8g C60/litre.
Both oils are organic, gluten free, glyphosate free, non-GMO & vegan. Suitable for all adults and pets – intended for both oral and topical use.

Whatever Size Pack or Oil You Choose Every Pack Contains: 

  • Fully protective amber glass bottles with tamper evident lids.
  • Robust cardboard storage tubes for safe delivery without breakages. Perfect for keeping your bottles out of direct sunlight.
  • 3ml calibrated dropper(s) with 0.5ml measured increments for precise dosing.
  • Full instructions card with detailed information on how to take C60 for first time users and ongoing maintenance.

Single Pack – £39: x1 100ml bottle & x1 dropper – 1 months supply.

Twin Pack – £69: x2 100ml bottles & x2 droppers – 2 months supply.

Triple Pack – £99: x3 100ml bottles & x3 droppers – 3 months supply.

Same day dispatch & free UK delivery. The more bottles you buy the more you save!

Single Pack

£ 39 / x1 Bottle
  • £39 per 100ml Bottle
  • 1 Months Supply - 3ml Daily
  • x1 3ml Measured Dropper Supplied

Twin Pack

£ 69 / x2 Bottles
  • £34.50 per 100ml Bottle
  • 2 Months Supply - 3ml Daily
  • x2 3ml Measured Droppers Supplied

Triple Pack

£ 99 / x3 Bottles
  • £33 per 100ml Bottle
  • 3 Months Supply - 3ml Daily
  • x3 3ml Measured Droppers Supplied


A few questions and answers we get asked the most.

Yes, we are the manufacturer of this product, not an importer or reseller of somebody else’s brand of C60.

We are commercial mixers of Carbon 60 oil. All our C60 oil products are made in our own UK based lab with all products freshly stocked on a daily basis ready for dispatch.

We are currently the UK’s only dedicated Carbon 60 lab and the UK’s largest supplier of C60 oil.

Our product contains only two ingredients;
1. 99.99% sublimated & solvent free pure pulverised Carbon 60 fullerenes.
2. Pure organic mct coconut oil or pure organic extra virgin olive oil.

Both our oils are non gmo, gluten-free, vegan, contain no lectins and are 100% glyphosate free.

To create a fully saturated product we add 0.8g C60 per 1 litre of oil.

There is no right or wrong answer to this, it’s down to personal taste. C60 olive oil has a smooth peppery taste, C60 coconut oil is virtually tasteless.

Both oils perform as well as each other and we receive outstanding feedback for each of them equally, but we would always recommend the coconut oil for treating any sort of brain injury and olive oil for general detoxing.

We currently dispatch and send C60 orders all over the world.

Our warehouse operates Monday to Friday. All orders received before 4pm will be dispatched the same day. Orders received after 4pm are dispatched the next working day.

All orders are delivered free of charge in the UK, delivery to Europe and the rest of the world is £15. UK orders can be upgraded to guaranteed next working day delivery for £5.

Delivery timescales are 1-2 days in the UK, 5-15 days for Europe and the rest of the world.

Depending upon the size of the order and where its going to our parcels are delivered using either the Royal Mail, DPD or DHL.

All services are fully tracked and a tracking number will be provided in your dispatch email. All parcels will require a signature upon delivery and can be sent to your place of work if required.

We offer an extensive wholesale programme. For more information please contact a member of our team.

Our C60 fullerenes are fully pulverised before being added to our oils to mix. This very important step in C60 oil manufacture ensures that no clumping arises between the fullerenes that would generate large concentrations of C60 in some parts of the oil and none in others.

This way you get a much more consistent product with C60 fullerenes present in every drop of the mixed oil.

We are the only C60 company in the UK who has the specialised machinery to complete this process.​

All product is freshly stocked on a daily basis so if left unopened the product would have a shelf life of approximately three years.

Once opened the product should be consumed within 3 months.

Our C60 oil is delivered to you fully prepared and ready to take directly from the bottle using the 3ml measured dropper provided.

Carbon 60 oil is taken orally to aid detoxing of the body and promote health and wellbeing. It can also be applied topically to the skin where there is inflammation or damage to aid repair.

All our packs contain a directions for use card with clear and concise instructions on how to take our C60 oil.

As a general guide users should take 3ml daily. Always leave a 20-minute gap before you consume any food or drink, except water, after taking C60 oil.

C60 is a research-grade product and your own research and experimentation with this product is always advised.

Yes. We are a UK based company with UK offices, warehousing and a professional food grade lab.

You can contact us on 020 7965 7330, Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm or visit our contact section for more ways to get in touch with us.

No. The price on the website is the price you pay.

There are no importation fees, customs duties, extra postage costs or processing fees in the UK .

Packages sent outside the UK to the EU and the rest of the world may incur importation fees.

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