Are You The Manufacturer Of This Product or a Reseller?

Yes, we are the manufacturer of this product, not an importer and reseller of somebody else’s brand of C60.

We are commercial mixers of Carbon 60 oil. All our C60 oil products are made in our own UK based lab with all products freshly stocked on a daily basis ready for immediate dispatch. All orders placed before 3pm are dispatched the same day, orders placed after 3pm are dispatched the next working day.

We are currently the UK’s only dedicated Carbon60 lab and the UK’s largest supplier of C60 oil.

How Do I Take C60?

Our C60 is delivered ready to take direct from the bottle using the attached glass pipette. The mixture is fully prepared, there is no need to dilute.

Although precise dosing of Carbon 60 has not been scientifically evaluated, the feedback we have received from many of our customers guides the following general dosing amounts:

Health and Wellbeing – First Time Users
A 5ml daily dose for around a week or two for first time users. This should be taken without food or drink and spread over two doses of around 2-3ml last thing at night and again first thing in the morning. Please leave at least a 20 minute gap before any food or drink is consumed after taking C60.

Health and Wellbeing – Maintenance Dose
A 3ml daily maintenance dose can be taken either split into two doses as above, morning or night or all at once mid morning between breakfast and lunch. Again all doses must be taken without food or drink. In addition a 3ml dose can be taken a few times a month with food to improve and boost gut health.

Sports and Mental Enhancement
A shot of 5ml to 10ml shortly before an event, gym session or meeting to enhance physical and mental ability.

Topical Application
Our C60 Oil can be applied topically to the skin anywhere on the body where there is damage or inflammation. Apply a few drops to the skin, a couple of times a day. Please note that the C60 will absorb into the skin within a few minutes but the oil will take longer. After a few minutes, the excess oil can be wiped away or left on the skin to fully absorb.

Please note that C60 is a research grade product and your own research and experimentation with this product is always advised.

What Are The Ingredients Of Your Product?

Our product contains only two ingredients;
1. 99.95% solvent free pure pulverised Carbon 60 fullerenes
2. Pure organic coconut oil or pure organic extra virgin olive oil

Both our oils are gluten-free, vegan, contains no lectins and are 100% glyphosate free.

What Is The Shelf Life Of The Product?

All product is freshly stocked on a daily basis so if left unopened the product would have a shelf life of approximately three years. Once opened the product should be consumed within 3 months.

Where Do You Buy Your Carbon 60 Fullerenes From?

We buy our Carbon 60 Fullerenes in bulk from the Canadian based chemical company SolarisChem. They are renowned of as one of the finest producers of pure C60 solvent free fullerenes in the world today.

Are You Based In The UK?

Yes. We are a UK based company with a UK based lab. You can contact us on 020 7965 7330, Monday to Friday 10am to 4pm or visit our contact page for more ways to get in touch with us.

What Delivery Service Do You Use?

All orders are posted with the Royal Mail using their first class signed for delivery service.

How Much Do You Charge For Postage?

All our Carbon 60 products are delivered free of charge in the UK.

Are There Any Extra Or Hidden Charges?

No. The price on the website is the price you pay. There are no importation fees, customs duties, extra postage costs or processing fees in the UK and EU.